charcoal filters

Cannabis – the smart way

Whoever thinks that potheads and health nuts are polar opposites is mistaken. Not only long-time smokers with their first bronchial catarrh, but also younger consumers practice “smart smoking” nowadays, and appreciate the advantages offered by the actiTube activated charcoal filters. But we explicitly discourage youth from consuming THC! All actiTube filters are made in Germany.


Reduces harm to the airways – not the effect

By using an actiTube activated carbon filter, a large part of the hazardous substances are filtered by the active carbon and not inhaled. This also cools down the smoke and creates a pleasantly mild taste. It also largely prevents the bitter aftertaste in your mouth. When used correctly (taking small drags), the effect often seems to be even stronger. In order to ensure the best possible filtration, actiTube only uses the highest quality active carbon in pellet form (no coal breccia) and we completely fill up the filter (whereas in poorly filled filters, the smoke looks for a way around the carbon and the filtration capacity is drastically reduced). The active carbon we use is consistently of plant origin.


To Slim or not to Slim

You can use either filter size, actiTube Slim or Standard, depending on your rolling style. The 6,9mm in diameter slim filters are considered by many to be ideal for rolling smaller joints. Thanks to their larger diameter and somewhat longer form, the standard filters are filled with more active carbon and thus able to filter larger amounts of smoke. The taste (and the filtration capacity) is about the same in both filters. By the way, our activated carbon filter in the standard size has a black plastic cap, since this material is better able to stick in pipes due to its elasticity. In addition, these caps have the advantage that they can be formed hollow, and thus offer more space for active carbon.


 In winter: clogged filters, damned physics

Each winter we receive complaints about the filters becoming clogged and an unpleasant discharge accruing at the cap. That’s because of the great difference in temperature between the hot smoke and the cold active carbon, in which smoke and humidity condense instead of being filtered. In this case, we recommend placing the filter in a warm place before smoking (e.g. on the radiator, PC, stereo) and if necessary, to stop smoking outside. If it still poses a problem when smoking inside, taking smaller drags should prevent hot smoking and make sure that the filter isn’t kept in a cool place beforehand (e.g. windowsill or floor).