about actiTube


In 1998, the founder of actiTube got a tip from his doctor friend, who said you could filter the smoke of your water pipe with active charcoal in order to reduce the impact on the lungs. On the same evening, the first tests were made with a bong using a charcoal filter. Although the founder was very critical in the beginning because he was worried about filtering out the THC, two years later he firmly believed in the advantages of this kind of filtration. That's how the idea developed to offer all cannabis connoisseurs a filter which reduces harmful substances and improves the taste.

In 2001 the company was founded with the name "Tune smart smoking", which was changed to actiTube for trademark reasons in 2014. Though initially only a few retailers believed in our products, today you can find the actiTube charcoal filters, pipes and pipe bowls in practically every German headshop and in headshops in many other countries.

From the beginning we have had close contact with our customers and have received much praise, suggestions and criticism, which has helped the actiTube products to continually improve over the years. That's how we were able to develop the unique actiTube Slim Filter at the beginning of 2014 after years of planning and tests.

All actiTube products are made in Germany. We try to work with local partners wherever possible and work to ensure fair treatment of customers, retail partners, suppliers and employees.

actiTube  is not interested in which internet pages you’ve visited. We also don’t want your web surfing activity to be stored in the USA. That’s why we consciously refrain from using tools like Google Analytics etc. Since we also don’t want to line the pockets of data dealers like Facebook with your data and our data, we don’t collect any “likes” from you, and we even feel quite okay with the fact that you aren’t “friends” with us. Now if you think that actiTube is poorly positioned in terms of our relationship to customers, we are happy to share our phone number and email address with you; real people will answer, we promise. 

By the way, there are no reviews from actiTube  that we’ve written ourselves on the Internet, in which we heap praise on our products. We guarantee you that we also won’t write our own reviews in the future, and furthermore that we won’t bother you with newsletters or other spam.

Here at actiTube we think the current legal regulations (in Germany) for adult cannabis users are entirely unnecessary. However, we want to discourage all minors from consuming cannabis products as it can lead to developmental problems. We also recommend limited consumption among people under 22 years of age.