Can you use the actiTube activated carbon filters multiple times?

If you don’t roll very thick ones and you’re more concerned about your budget than your health, you can use the filters twice.

Lately my filters have been clogging up when I smoke. What’s the problem?

This is due to the great difference in temperature between the hot smoke and the cold active carbon, in which smoke and humidity condense instead of being filtered. In this case, we recommend placing the filter in a warm place before smoking (e.g. on the radiator, computer, stereo) and if necessary, to stop smoking outside. If it still poses a problem when smoking inside, taking smaller drags should prevent the smoke from getting too hot and make sure that the filters aren’t kept in a cool place beforehand (e.g. windowsill or floor).

I use the actiTubes in a pipe. When should I change the active carbon filter?

We have an answer worthy of Solomon: if the pipe tastes much better after changing the filter, it was too late. Some change it after 2-3 hits, others after 7-10 bowls.

With the larger actiTube active carbon filter, the black cap points towards the mouth. What about with the slims?

That’s right, the black cap points towards the mouth and the white ceramic cap towards the heat. Since the slim filter has two heat-resistant ceramic sides, you don’t need to worry about which way you put in the slims.