The big bang of actiTube

With a wooden pipe bowl similar to the Drop Out, the founder of actiTube made his first attempts with an activated carbon filtered bong. The improvement could not only be felt and tasted, you could also see the difference on the glass walls of the pipe: the bong was significantly less dirty thanks to the activated charcoal filtration. The fact that the “contamination” of the airways would likewise be affected quickly became clear. Below you can see a photo series depicting a small bong with and without activated carbon filtration.

Drop Out – the miracle happens under the bowl

A bong is an effective, but also intense form of consumption. The smoke is generally very concentrated and is inhaled deeply. The taste and the scratchy feeling in one’s throat aren’t for everyone.
Put a little actiTube loose activated carbon under the Drop Out bowl and the beast becomes as tame as a lamb, with the same great effectiveness. Even though 50-70% less harmful substances are inhaled, smoking is nevertheless not entirely harmless for the airways.


Turn On – a rare breed

Although bongs with threaded fittings are not that common, we still decided to offer an activated carbon bowl for these. The Turn On bowl consists of two pieces; the upper part is for smoking, while the lower part is for the actiTube loose activated carbon.
In both bowls, the Chillum should be inserted as vertically as possible so that the active carbon doesn’t fall out when you put down the bong.


Loose active carbon – black is beautiful

The loose actiTube activated carbon, like the carbon in the filters, is naturally of the highest quality and in pellet form. We deliberately refrain from using simple coal breccia, as we do with all actiTube products.


Please note how dirty the bong is after smoking multiple times with (above) and without (below) activated carbon filtration.